What Color is Orangeburg?

What Color is Orangeburg?

The Orangeburg Color Debate

Orangeburg is a “fiber conduit” material made from layers of wood pulp and pitch pressed together that is covered in Tar. Tar is black so the most usual color of Orangeburg is black. Some people will say that Orangeburg is orange but in fact the name comes from the city in which is was highly manufactured. Orangeburg, NY. OGBG is the abbreviation of the word Orangeburg. This pipe can break under just 10 lbs of pressure.

The useful life for an Orangeburg pipe is about 50 years under ideal conditions but has been known to fail in as little as 10 years. It has been taken off the list of acceptable materials by most building codes. Wikipedia

If you have Orangeburg give us a call and we can come out and check it with a camera inspection.

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