Terms Of Service

Digital sewer camera inspections/reports are $129 plus tax, they include a digital video and report sent by midnight the next day. Sewer camera inspections do not guarantee any warranty or longevity of the sewer, they merely give the most detailed look possible with current technology. This way good decisions can be made in advance about sewer maintenance and future sustainability. The rating of sewers is an opinion of the sewer technician (Owner) of Spokane Rooter. Root growth, ground settling, and movement, rooter companies with the wrong size blades or even ground moles and other natural causes can cause sudden and severe damage to a sewer line. This can not be predicted ahead of time and can happen after a passed camera inspection. This is why its good to check every year. Camera Inspections include looking up the original permit (if available) for comparison to analyze and to test for errors. You will receive all this information that is collected on your final report.

Drain clean, clogs, rooter, roots removal: Service is to attempt to clear a clog. No guarantee is made that any clog can be cleared. When a clog/roots or anything breaks our machine then its time for the homeowner/property owner to do repairs. We own top of the line drain clean equipment and reserve the right to end a job if our machines or cables break due to the neglect of the line enduring extensive unfixable sludge clogs or roots or even internal plumbing. You will pay for the services but we are one of the few companies that don’t pass broken cable charges on to the customer. We endure that price. You will then need to do repairs on those lines that can not be fixed. We can connect you with great companies with low quotes. If a clog comes back then you have a bigger issue at hand and we can come back out for a discount. No clog is guaranteed to stay unclogged, that’s the nature of drainage issues, they are caused by a million different things. 99% percent of our clog clearing appointments stay clear for the expected amount of time. (Roots Grow Back) We will help you figure out exactly what you need to do if you have a clog that keeps coming back.

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