Spokane Trenchless Water Lines

Spokane Trenchless Water Line Companies

Why and how trenchless sewer and water companies take advantage of consumers and how to spot it.

spokane trenchless water line

Here at Spokane Rooter, we see people every day in hard situations that require a lot of patience and work to clean up messes from sewer and water damage caused by varying amounts and versions of decaying infrastructure. When you life takes a turn and you encounter a drain clog or crushed water line or flooded basement, you don’t have time to research the right companies and that allows them to take advantage of you. We have seen it all done by other companies in the spokane area, from fake camera inspections that show you video of a completely different pipe to get you to think you need a trenchless replacement from their other company. Corruption has its forms in all businesses and we are here to help you spot it once and for all.

Trenchless Water Lines

Did you know, that there is a company that can shoot a new water line through the ground into your home without so much and effecting a single part of your lawn or driveway. Did you know that they do it for the same price as an independent local on craigslist that would have to dig a trench? New technology is not cheap, but there are a few companies out there that can do this in the Spokane area. They have been able to get their hands on new technologies that work wonders, call us today and we will get you connected with them. I do warn you though, there is a company or two that have these machines but are known for breaking them and getting stuck in rock slabs. Make sure you hire the trusted experts Kalin Trenchless 509-466-9166

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