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Terms Of Service

Drain Clean / Rooter/ Hydro Jetting / Clog Removal and Sewer Inspection

Sewer camera inspections are $99 plus tax, they include a digital video and report sent the next day. Sewer camera inspections do not guarantee any warranty or longevity of the sewer, they merely give the most detailed look possible with current technology. This way good decisions can be made in advance about sewer maintenance and future sustainability. All Sewer inspections are looked at by our in-house sewer technician with 20+ years experience with Spokane sewers and replacements. Camera Inspections include looking up original permit (if available) for comparison to analyze and to test for errors. You will receive all this information that is collected on your final report.

When you book a drain clean after a camera inspection you get a $15 discount. You must book through the discounted booking widget on your report link page. You may send this link to anyone else involved at that address, if they are paying. For example, the buyer may pay for a camera inspection but wants the seller to pay to clean the line of roots before they purchase the home. The seller may use the discount coupon to book the appointment at the discounted rate. Reports are public and indexed by google. If you wish to make your report private, please ask. Drain Cleaning is $159 plus tax. This includes 1.5 hours of work. If work goes beyond 1.5 hours then we reserve the right to charge $50 per hour after that. Most appointments end within 1 hour. When you book a drain clean on the phone or online you agree that drain cleans are a service to clear a clog and allow flow. We test all working drains before we leave the appointment. If all drains work and clog is clear then any clogs that form after this are not covered under any warranty of the original drain clean. You may book another appointment for the new clog. Drain cleans are for mainlines/sinks/bathtubs/showers. Dish Washers and Washing Machines require a plumber. Roots are a very big issue in the area and if roots are discovered then we recommend the Root Removal Package for a deep cleaning. Ground water is a very big issue in the Spokane area because it seeps into sewers through segment connections and root invasions and causes the sewer to fill with water and not drain. This can be seen when rooter machine feels no resistance in the cable when running out and no debris is found, nonetheless the water level does not change or drop. This is usually a ground water issue and will occasionally happen, depending on the weather. The only option is re-line the sewer or replace it. If we are unable to clear a clog due to ground water, broken pipes, excessive root growth, collapse you will STILL be charged for the labor and use of our machines. We guarantee to use our machines to the best of their ability, but do not guarantee to fix problems that are only solved by replacement or repair. In which case, we will connect you with our most trusted sewer replacement partners.

Additional Fees (if applicable):

If the only access to the mainline is via toilet (i.e. clean-out cap inaccessible), there will be a $50 charge to remove and reseal the toilet. If clean-out cap is rusted or glued shut, there will be a $20 charge to break and replace with a new cap. $20 for roof access. Roof can only be used for camera inspections. Travel fees are $1/mile outside of Spokane. After 5pm and weekends have their own pricing structure. Please book the correct service price when booking these times. 

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