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Spokane Drain Clean

Drain Clean / Rooter/ Hydro Jetting / Clog Removal and Sewer Inspection

Looking for Spokane Drain Clean for Cheap? Look no further, Spokane Rooter Drain and Rooter Service is top in reviews, top in competitive pricing and top choice for everyone in the area. Book online now and we will be one time to the appointment. no more waiting between the hours of. Thats old school business, we are the tip of the spear.

You can also book a camera inspection and get a multi service discount. We take care of our customers. 

Spokane Drain clean consist of sending a snake of the recommended size down a drain with or without a blade. Then we clear the clog, check the flow and you’re good to go. When you have consistent clogs forming, give us a call we can help you discover the solution and give you options to fix it. We have many companies we work with that charge very fair pricing and promise to take care of you!

If you don’t have a cleanout access, then we can go through a toilet, but it’s good to try and find your cleanout before any rooter company comes out to do a cleaning. But its no problem if you can’t find the cleanout cap. We charge $20 to replace your cleanout cap if its rusted shut or unopenable. This is the cheapest of all rooter company cleanout cap charges.



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