Restoration 1 of Spokane

Spokane Water Damage Repair

Restoration 1 of Spokane is the leading company in restoration services locally. They are not only known for their great customer service, their below standard market pricing and they have experts that actually have expertise in the craft. Water damage not only ruins and molds when left untouched, but causes unimaginable wear to supports and risks electrical shortages which can fry valuable electronics / appliances or internal home wiring. This can be thousands of dollars in more electricians bills or worse, foundation structure repair. Do not risk losing value in your home due to water damage, call the experts today. 509-293-5500

Spokane Mold Removal

Spokane has a big problem with three things, sewers, mold and radon. We highly stress that mold should only be observed, removed and stopped from future growth by a professional.  Inhaling black mold spores can be very dangerous to your health in small amounts. Call today if you see any black mold at all, this is very dangerous. 509-293-5500

Spokane Fire and Smoke Damage Repair

Fire and smoke damage means something potentially very life threatening has happened and we are very sorry for your loss and misfortune. We are here for you in the hard times and will treat you will kindness and respect. other companies unfortunately take advantage of people in hard times and we stand strong by the companies that don’t and are Fair / Local / Honest. Call today for a representative to come and start the no pressure process. Smoke or fire or both, the best in Spokane is Restoration 1 of Spokane.

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