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Services: Drain Cleaning, Clog Removal, Hydro Jetting & Sewer Inspection

Drain Clean / Clog Removal


Sink Drains, Floor Drains, Main Lines, Roots, Washing Machine Drains, Shower Drains, Toliets, any clog any size. Clean and Tidy Focused.

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Sewer Inspection / Report


Buying or selling a home? Looking for a issue in the main line? Get a digital video and report next day. Verbal results at appointment. You are more than welcome to watch.

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Hydro Jetting


Jetting is for sludge and flat grade lines that can not be fixed with a rooter. Other companies charge over $500 for a jetting.

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Drain Cleaning / Clog Removal Overview

If you are new to the whole drains and clogs and rooter this and that, we will explain it all here for you. Get ready for the 101 on Drain Cleaning / Clog Removal.

Rooter / Roots

Rooter is a word that describes clearing roots from a main line to open it back up. This proccess uses a sharp blade on a powerful drain clean cable machine. The blade is spining and sent down the main line through a cleanout, toliet or vent. The blade can only be as big as the opening access. A blade can sometimes be sent many times before the roots are fully cleared.

Sink/Shower and Washing Machine/Dishwasher and Garbage Disposal Drains

Sink and washing machines cause small sludge clogs very easily when material gets built up on the inside of pipes. These are the most common clogs and very easy to fix. We use a smaller cable machine to send a small sludge clearing tip down the pipe back and forth until its clear.


Sludge is a term for a clog thats many feet long. Anywhere from 5-90 feet. Usually caused by a flat grade line that cant drain well. Liquid drains but material gets built up untill it clogs. You always want to attempt to clear any line with a blade first. Jetting a line for sludge can only happen when the line is slowly draining. If the water is not draining at all, jetting would only risk flooding your home.

Collapse / Break / Roots

Collapsing main lines are very uncommon but may occur. They can happen when your sewer main is clay, orangeburg or BF/ concrete. We have seen this when the main line is under a driveway or a large truck drives over shallow line. Breaks can occur from the same impact but occur more commonly when roots are left untreated and grow big enough to break sides in.

Hassle Free Appointments

Possible Fees

How great is it when a company is honest and public about their pricing and services. We make it easy for you to book a no hassle appointment. We promise you will not be upsold or hear any sales pitch.

Cleanout Cap Replace


When the cleanout cap is rusted / glued shut. We must break it out and replace with new PVC cap.

Roof Access


If there is no cleanout access or toilet, the roof vent can be utilized for main line access. Only camera inspections.

Toilet Pull & Reseal


When there is no cleanout cap, we can pull a toilet for access and reseal with new wax ring.

Camera Drain Clean


If you want to see down the main line after a clog has been cleared, its $55 off normal $99 fee. We email you the video

Sewer Scope / Report

Sewer Report Overview

We are the most popular sewer inspection company in the PNW for a reason. We deliver the highest quality reports for only $99.

Original Permits

We are the only company to get your original sewer permits and attach them to your report at no extra charge.

Same Day Results

We encourage you to be there for the appoiintment so you can watch the inspection in person and get results instantly. Report and video sent next day.

No Sales Pitch

We promise to never take advanatge of you, never try to sell you anything you dont absolutly need.We will always give you our professional honest opinion.

Digital Video

Your video recording will be uploaded to Youtube and embedded inside your report. Your report is a page online that you can share. Email with link is sent next day.

Customer Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

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They are so clean and tidy. They cleared my clog, that no one else could clear. Bathtub line with a 90 to the mainline, impossible to get to, they figured it out. They had to scoop a lot of black sludge out and after they left, there was no trace. They are the best Drain Service company in the area. They knew i was poor and didn’t charge me a travel fee to Cheney. That’s the kind of service you get when you book Spokane Rooter. You always get the owners and never employees. That’s important to me. These guys are the bees knees and always #SupportLocal

Sasha Krasni

Google Review

I live up in Newport and have a septic tank, they came up for $50 which is super low travel charge here and gave us their drain clean special of $149. Fair price, cleared the clog in 5 min, arrived exactly on time and didn’t sell me on anything, they were just very nice and professional. Thanks again.

Anthony Dutch

Google Review

I was told by another drain service that I needed to replace part of my main drain pipe. Spokane Rooter came out and did a camera video and showed me that my pipes were in great shape. They were honest and smart and made me feel at ease with a topic I know nothing about. I trusted them and would receommend them to anyone. I cannot thank them enough.

Mari Wrenn

Google Review

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