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Drain Cleaning in Spokane, Spokane Valley, CDA or anywhere within 100 miles of Spokane Wa. This includes a flat rate for a clog removal. Any clog any size. Sink drains, bathroom drains, toilets, shower drains, floor drains, main lines, root issues, roto rooter, washing machine drains and dishwasher drains. When choosing a rooter company in the Spokane area, its very important to look at reviews. Some other companies are deleting their Google pages when they get a bunch of bad reviews and start over. If you see a company that has been around for a long time and has only a few reviews, you can bet they have deleted their recent page that housed the bad reviews before.



Getting Ripped Off: We have always posted our prices publically on our website and gave everyone over the phone the same price. We are the only company doing that currently. Other rooter companies are making you call them first to get a price and depending on how you sound on the phone, your area code, your neighborhood (south Hill vs Hillyard)  you will get a different price. This is very unethical in our opinion and only serves to make the owners of the company rich. Our Owners are the workers and we believe in fair pricing for everyone and exceptional service.



Hydro Jetting: Sometimes a cable machine does not have the ability to clear a clog made of sludge. This is because sludge is not so much a single blockage but a long sections completely full of what is almost the consistency of butter. Can be made of many different substances such as lint, greece, food from garbage disposal. This is the most common clog in a home. We have hundreds of dollars cheaper than anyone else in the area, we also promise hassle free appointments.


Sludge buildup in Sewer Main
Sludge buildup in Sewer Main

We look forward to working with you, you can book online or call 509-822-2201

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