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Draining Cleaning

Clogged sewer drains can be caused by a lot of things. None of them are particularly “friendly” to deal with. Wonder why your home’s pipes keep getting clogged when you haven’t done anything wrong? How do you know that your sewer is clogged in the first place? You know because sewage is backing up your main drain in your house.

Sewer Cleaning can clear tree roots. A main reason plumbing systems become clogged is because the main sewer line has become partially blocked or damaged. Sewer cleaning can clear most blockages. With age, these pipes are prone to intrusion by tree roots, misalignment, and collapse.

If you’re seeing a backhoe, plumbers and construction workers in your mind, I assure you that your problem can be solved with a simple phone call to Spokane Rooter. Spokane Rooter has the tools and training to clean your sewer drain and give you some tips on how to avoid the problem from reoccurring in the future.

$99 camera inspection by Spokane Rooter and Plumbing

Current Special: Sewer Camera Inspection for $99!

For a limited time, save over 40% on our camera inspection! Our sewer camera inspection provides us an unmatched view to inspect old and new pipe, giving us an edge to prevent future damage and clogs. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we can quickly verify and identify blockages or other problems like tree roots, collapsed clay pipe, broken pipe connections and other leaks. Call us today at 509-290-5377 to schedule a special $99 camera inspection. We'll provide you with a DVD of our inspection footage.

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